Auto publishing after edit?

My project has “Enable automatic publishing” active, as is the default. Usually this works well, but today I made a change on one of the strings and even though that has been a few hours ago, no publishing has happened since.

I am not entirely sure when auto publishing is supposed to happend (could not find any docs), but surely any change should eventually trigger one, right?
Maybe it’s important to note that the project had been completely translated already and I just changed the wording in one of the translation strings.

So could you please help me understand

  • When should auto publishing trigger?
  • How much delay/debounce is expected?
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“Automatic publishing” should run the process for every change in translated strings.
The change should propagate within 15mins to CDN and other distribution channels.
If you trigger download from CLI or through UI, the changes are published immediately before the download.
If this somehow doesn’t happen, it’s probably a bug and which is worth reporting.

Moreover, we’re working on a revamped publishing in UI, which would allow you to force the publish manually, even if autopublish is on. This could also solve the issue for you.

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According to the activity stream, it has been 5 hours now. Even if I download via UI or CLI, I still see the old data. When I go to “Browse translations” in the UI, I see the new value.

Should I try to force a publish by changing/uploading more? Or would it be helpful for you to have a look first?

That’s not an expected behaviour. Please send us a message with the name of your project. We will fix it for you.
:point_right: team[at]

Message is sent. Thx

The immediate problem has been fixed over email. When I changed a string again, I first had the same issue but when I added a new source string afterwards publishing was suddenly working again.

Even if I now only edit an existing string, it works, so it seems to be “unstuck” for now. I’ll keep an eye on it.