Allow omitting or customizing webhook payload

I would like to use Localazy webhooks to trigger CI pipelines in Azure Devops.

In theory this is easy to do but the pipelines just don’t trigger. I found out the reason is that Azure Devops does some automatic filtering based on the webhook payload. In particular the “projectId” property is not matching the projectId in Azure Devops and therefore the pipeline is not executed.

I tried triggering with Postman, once with the default Localazy webhook payload and once when omitting the projectId from it. In the latter case it works nicely.

So my question is, could you

  • give an option to send an empty payload “{}” with webhooks
  • allow customizing the field names. E.g. projectId => localazyProjectId, resulting in ‘{ “localazyProjectId”: “12345”, … }’

Also see Visual Studio Feedback

Thanks for the tip. I will add webhook payload customization to our roadmap.

In the meantime, invoking a simple service to convert the request/trigger CI directly can be a solution.

Yes, I’m using pipedream now to transform it. But would be nicer without a middle man.

Thanks for the feedback and looking forward to the feature :blush: