Allow a base language to be the source for localized versions

I would like for localized versions of a language (i.e. EN-GB versus EN or FR-CA versus FR) to inherit the base language translation strings rather than the source file when translations are missing. For example:
Source term is: “This field is required”
The base French translation is: “Ce champ est obligatoire”
The French Canadian translation is: “Champ obligatoire”
But for the vast majority of translations the base term is the same as the localized version. Because this is a manual translation process it would be helpful if the base language term would be displayed rather than the source language term. Maybe a setting to populate new terms with the base language but flag them so they can be reviewed at a later date?

At the moment, there is no built-in solution for this. But we would love to add it in the future.

There are two available options:

  1. You can create a copy of the whole language. Such a feature is not available in UI, but the easiest option is to just reupload the file as in another language and just change what you want to have differently. You can mark different terms and remove their current version to make them appear as untranslated again.

  2. You can create a new empty language and only translate what is different on Localazy and introduce fallback logic in your own code.