Admission of Localazy co-founder

I will be brief, promise. Circa one & a half year ago, @vaclav read my post on the future of digital marketing when he randomly visited Facebook and decided to get in touch with me. It was not so random - we have been friends already for 10something years and drank quite a few bottles of baileys talking ideas.

10 years later, he approached me with an offer - hey I read your post, we are building a tool for developers, so they can translate their apps into other languages. As a Marcom guy and former translator, it was not totally out of the dish. However, it was not love at first sight, to be absolutely honest. I had a great job with large and renowned corporate with higher purpose and even longer history and great people around.

But as soon as he gave me some more information and freedom to daydream a bit, Localazy was a great opportunity to work on something big with my old friend. One year later, Localazy helps to make a real difference in the world through reinforcing changemakers with real positive impact on social and environmental causes. This makes me absolutely love Localazy not because the technology behind is so wonderful, but because it serve a higher purpose.

The team at Localazy is amazing and the community is really something. All the great people coming our way, building great solutions to both small and big challenges or just for fun, makes me love Localazy so much.

Thank you, partners. Thank you, ambassadors. Thank you, users. I am here for you.


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