Adding a new language should require stricter permissions

We’ve got a few users adding new languages with only a few strings translated, and this is messy for us to manage. These languages are not usable because so few strings are translated. Some of them are regional variants that add no value (e.g. adding ru_RU when ru is already present).

We would like to require at least the Manager permission to be able to add a brand new language.

This way, we can allow certain specific contributors, but not all, to add new languages.

This is already under development. Extended permissions allow assigning people to selected languages, limiting who can add new languages, etc.

Thanks, looking forward to it!

There’s also no way to communicate directly with this translator, which makes it even harder to ask why they are creating new locales when an existing one is available (ru versus ru_RU)

Direct communication with translators is also planned.

We see some contributors adding languages we have no plans to ever support & are ultimately wasting their time.

We believe a solution for preventing the addition of new languages is critical, closely followed by communicating with translators. Perhaps some SSO solution where the translator must be in our Slack/Discord to contribute would be ideal?


More related features should be available soon:

  • SAML 2.0 based SSO
  • restrictions for adding languages