Ability to remove a "Contributing" app from dashboard

Currently, there is no way to remove an app under the “Contributing” section in the Dashboard.
It would be good if the user had an option to do so.

This is probably a place where people would expect it to be.

It is possible to leave the app right now, you need to go to the app itself, select Contributors → your name where you should be presented with an option to leave the app.

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Yes, I can see that your described way works.
From my point of view, it’s really not good UX and not really intuitive if the user wants to leave the app that they need to go to the Contributors, then search for their name, click on it and only after then they can leave the app.

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I think Martin Chrastek is right!
It’s really not good UX and not so intuitive, to make the user go to their profile to leave the app, it’s not that easy to guess for a newbie.
Please can you make it more easy for us Jan? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: