Is there a translation attribution option?

We are testing Localazy to move away from our current translation platform.
One think we love about current one is that you can easily get information about how many strings have been translated by each contributor.
Maybe I’m losing some option here. If not I will open it as a feature request, because when you ask somebody to help at least you should give them some recognition :slight_smile:


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Hello, Oscar,

reporting is already on our roadmap and we are working on it.

There’s already existing code for it on our servers, so we can provide you with reports manually in the meantime.

Would it be suitable solution for you before the reporting is introduced?

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Not ideal but if you are willing to get a monthly request, I guess it will do.

It should be just a temporary solution :slight_smile:

Any updates on this one?

It’s still under development as of now.